Development Finance Asia specializes in helping large funds connect with Asian markets, Indochina and Mongolia in particular, providing full spectrum of services across the investment process and the capital structure.


  • Restructuring: Managed a debt for equity swap in Vietnam for a private debt fund in the agriculture sector
  • Valuation: Valuated Real Estate properties and agri plants on behalf of US$ 1.8bn asset manager
  • Sourcing & Due Diligence: Sourced and conducted due diligence in Vietnam for an Asian family office
  • Sourcing, Structuring, Monitoring & Exiting: Managed fintech investment and exit for an Asian private debt fund in Vietnam
  • Investment Memorandum: Engaged by Myanmar conglomerate to compile an investment memorandum for a capital raise
  • Independent Non-Executive Director (INED): Took role of INED for an LSE listed company entering wind-down with assets in Vietnam and Malaysia
  • Sustainability: Provided ESG framework for an Asian fund


Deal Inception
  • Deal Origination
  • Due Diligence “DD”
  • Manage DD 3rd parties – Technical, financial, legal, and M&E
  • Valuation and financial DD
  • Business plan
  • Foreign investor engagement
Investment Structure
  • Onshore & offshore structuring advice in coordination with 3rd party consultant
  • Structuring Philosophy: Capture upside with Downside Protection, across the capital structure
  • Help raising Debt and Equity capital to fund growth/expansion
  • Analyze capital requirements (with attention on macro and micro drivers)
  • Streamline Capital Structure
  • Secure local currency Bank debt funding to optimize returns
Investment Management
  • Monitoring: Sales, purchasing, cashflows, and KPIs
  • Corporate governance frameworks & reviews
  • ESOP frameworks & reviews
  • Notarization & Registration of all documents and collateral
  • Controls Implementation – Covenant Package, Bank Account, Board Representation, and others
  • Establish and manage relationships with promoter, related parties, regulators, and authorities
  • Reporting: Monthly financial/operational
  • Debt restructuring, new financial debt raising whenever necessary
  • Select and appoint external consultants for continuous performance improvement
  • Ensure all transactions at arms length
  • Manage Difficult Situations
  • Exit strategies
Risk Management
  • Counterparty
  • Regulatory
  • Collateral
  • Fraud
  • Legal