Development Finance Asia specializes in helping large funds connect with Asian markets, Indochina and Mongolia in particular, providing full spectrum of services across the investment process and the capital structure.


Debt equity swap for a private debt fund (Vietnam – Agro)
Real Estate and industrial assets for a US$ 1.8bn asset manager (Vietnam)
Sourcing & Due Diligence
Deal sourcing and DD for a HK Family Office (Vietnam- Real Estate)
Sourcing, Structuring, Monitoring & Exit
Structuring, monitoring and exit for a private debt fund (Vietnam – Fintech)
Investment Memorandum
Business planning and IM for capital fund raise (Myanmar - Diversified)
Independent Non-Executive Director
INED for an LSE listed company entering wind-down (Vietnam / Malaysia)
ESG framework for an Asian fund manager


While advising our clients, our philosophy is to capture upside with downside protection, across the capital structure and align interest of stakeholders.

Deal Life Cycle
  • Origination
  • Pitch deck, financial projections, and Valuation
  • Term Sheet drafting and due diligence coordination for investee company
  • Due diligence coordination for investors (in-house and 3rd party consultant coordination): Technical, financial, structuring, and legal, tax optimization
  • Exit Support
Capital Solutions & Investment Structuring
  • Onshore & offshore structuring
  • Fund raising across capital structure
  • Analyzing capital requirements (with attention on macro cycles, micro drivers)
  • Streamlining Capital Structures
  • Securing local currency bank funding
Investment Management
  • Monitoring: Sales, purchasing, cashflows, and KPIs
  • Corporate governance implementation
  • ESOP frameworks & reviews
  • Controls: Covenants, Bank Account, Board Rep, etc.
  • Establishing and managing relationships with promoter, partners and other relevant parties
  • Financial and operational reporting
  • External consultants appointment for continuous performance improvement
  • Exit strategies
  • Proceeds repatriation
Risk Management
  • Counterparty: Ensuring transactions at arms’ length
  • Regulatory: working with relevant governmental entities around licensing requirements
  • Collateral management
  • Covenants package
  • Fraud, managing and identifying difficult situations
  • Legal: Notarization & Registration of documents and collateral pledges